And now, through the fabulous efforts of Lee, Merle and Jomac,
we present the Queen of hanging and gasping,

    Penny Larson is a notable figure in the sexual asphyx community as she was one of the first females to display full photosets showing full suspension hanging without the use of stage effects or photo retouching.

    She has done some modeling but is most noted for her image recreations used by Dolcett in single drawings and in photo stories.

    Penny has been a long time member of RHOG and frequently sends in additional photos to update her album. She also posts to the S.A.FORUM and enjoys hearing from folks that appreciate her work.

Photo sets are

Retrotek asked Penny how she first got into gasping. Her reply was;

    In 1983 I was given the name of a guy in Canada that wanted to do some playing of spy type bondage games ( that included kidnaping, strangling, and hanging). I was interested and met Bill Baylis. He took me over and interduced me to Merle (who also lived in Vegas) They did this very poor video (you have seen the stuff- I was in white) I had never done any hanging stuff before and watched Cat-Balou before hand to "get-into" the scene. Found that I really enjoyed lite-hanging. Merle sent the video to some guy in California named, Lee. He called me the next week and wanted to met. He came over and I found out "all" about hanging in a hurry. It was a rush. Then he made contact with a guy in New York that drew pictures. I talked with him on the phone and he saw my pictures that Lee took... Before long I was getting these great drawings from Dolcett. Tightrope Zone was a great time. Met different people from around the country that Lee would invite to the "gatherings" . Met a guy that put me onto a large wooden cross that Merle built, and somewhere during the time, I would be hung in some doorway, using that chin-up bar of Lee's. After a time we slowed down on the group gatherings, I had found a new love that did not understand about "my guys".. I moved to California in 1988. Lee and I did a couple sets alone and then he got sick and everything ground to a stop. So, ten years later all we have left are the pictures and the memories.

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