This page discusses
Pictures and Images.
Topics of interest.
Topics not of interest or accepted.Copywrite and (Blood and Guts)
My Pet peeves.

There are a few things that you have to consider and commit to first.


1. You must be either the model or the photographer
of the pictures/movies that you send in.

and state that you are giving, or you have permission
to send these picture to Retrotek for the
purpose of posting them at RHOG.

Send in what you like. Just keep in mind that I may or may not use it.
If it's free, original, yours, and is On Topic then I'll work with you
to get it on my site.

IF you are already published on another or a number of other
web sites then your material is not exclusive.
I try not to duplicate material already found on other web sites.
Yahoo, MSN and Google groups are not web sites and
materal shown there may still be considered for publication here.



These are not requirments for submitting material.

Just things that folks like and don't like to see.

If you have already taken your pictures then you might just use this as a guide to know if our audience is going to like the stuff you send in.

When taking Asphyx style pictures there are two thing to keep in mind.

We want to see the rope.
We want to see the neck.

Here are some basics
[*Text Quoted from a post by humblestud]

*Turn off the damned TV/radio. You may find it arousing to have
Spongebob giggling in the background, but chances are you've tuned him
out. Unfortunately, it's harder to do when listening to a recording,
as all the 3D cues are gone and the audio is flat. Really, why were
you having sex with the TV on in the first place?

*Take your pants off. Unless you are getting a quick blow job in a
Home Depot parking lot, let's see some skin. The last time I had sex
with my clothes on the gear shift was in the way. I see this in many
"professional" vids. I'm not sure if they are in a hurry, or just
figure that everybody has done it the right way and now different is
cool. Even if you are an ugly fat guy, let the girl get at you. Girls
should preferably be undressed as well, although some clothing is
sometimes OK.

*Take the phone OFF the hook. This mostly comes from "professional"
vids again. I guess they can't afford to miss a phone call. Perhaps if
they took a bit more care and time, they could make more money with
their vid. I can't count the number of times a phone rings in one of
these vids.

*If possible, get a cameraman. If not, try to get at least a good
angle for your tripod or camera stand. BTW, an extreme closeup is NOT
the best shot possible. I prefer to see all the action, not just pubic
hair follicles.

*Pay some attention to lighting. Don't get between the light and the
camera, and make sure plenty of lights are on. You are showing off,
right? Also, it helps if you know more about your camera than how to
turn it on. Some of those settings can make the difference between a
good scene and a great scene.

*Good editing. Leaving out the boring stuff. Don't cut too much, though.

5. We love Sexual Asphyx. Use your imagination while staying within legal limits. Sex during breath control is one of our main interests. If you can combine sex and asphyx in the same movie or picture then you are right on topic and your pictures will reach fame and glory.

On the same note keep in mind that RHOG is a sex Asphyx site and not a bondage Asphyx or blowjob site.
   That means that if you send in 30 photos of your chick kneeling on the floor giving you a blowjob and she just happens to have a noose or rope hanging loosely around her neck then I am only going to use 1 or 2 of those photos. Those pictures are just blowjob pictures, not sex Asphyx. 





6. ANONYMOUS SUBJECTS: Lots of girls and guys want to show their Asphyx pictures but do not want to be easily identified. So you would like to photoshop a black ugly box over her eyes and nose.
  Something to keep in mind. In most cases the only people that you are "blocking" her from is people who don't or would not know her if they fell over her. If someone happens to see these pictures and they are familiar or accented with her then that box over the eyes is not going to do a thing for you. They will recognize her or you anyway.
  The box or mask or sunglasses over the eyes will only serve useful in a court of law for a technicality issue.
If you are looking for security and complete anonymity then don't post pictures of you and her. Even if you put a paper bag over her head, there is some guy out there who is admires her and is going to recognize her butt or shape.
So if you don't mind taking a chance that Aunt Milly is going to spot her granddaughter when Uncle Harry drifts across some porn site who has ripped the pictures off of RHOG and posted them on their own site, then by all means, send them in.
  While we hate seeing some gorgeous female with a Lone Ranger mask covering her face up, we understand the need that some folk have for doing it and will accept those pictures as long as they are done tastefully.



   Home pictures and movies should show the home. Cropping the picture down to a 1x5 in picture just to cut out identifying objects in the background makes the picture look like it came out of an arcade photobooth.
Take the movie or pictures in a guest room or backyard or foyer. Remove any unique objects that might identify your surroundings .

This picture could have been taken a little closer to Tracy to show more of this lovely woman but as an opening shot it does the job. As far as our girl remaining anonymous, that is out of the question. Even though her face is masked, anyone that knows her would recognize the living room.

  FOR HANGING: If you want to hang a curtain up then cover only part of the room but leave some corner area to show depth. Don't use black colors or multi colored linen. This puts false shadows on the subject and hides the outline of the rope above her head and ruins the view of the distance of her feet from the floor.
  FOR CHOKING: DO use multi colored linen, as flesh colored hands and neck against a pure white background tend to make the pictures bleed when published in .JPG format and everything looks a blur or the shadows ruin the outlines.


I begin to clean out my mailboxs around 5:PM E.S.T. or zone-5 Monday through Friday.
I clean them out regularly on the Weekends.

Please email your pictures uncompressed. Try not to use .JPG format unless it is set to Maximum.
I will be adding Logos and Signatures to the pictures and if they arrive already compressed then
after I do your copyright info and such, the pictures look terrible.
Large pictures are fine. Let me resize them here to make them fit the pages. If I have to enlarge a picture it looses quality.
If you crop your images before sending them just leave me enough border area for signatures, logos and shading.

Movies are a real crowd pleaser. If you send a movie try to make it either AVI (preferred), MPG1 standard or last WMV large.
I can do lots with AVI files but sometimes they are pretty large.

Address all email that includes picture or movie attachments and put an identifying subject line on the mail. Something like "RET, HERE ARE THE PICTURES OF ?????????". So I wont mix them up with the other email that I get.


  That is up to her to decide. Naturally all the guys would like to see tits and ass most of the time but that does not always make for a good shot. Sometimes a little bit of clothing in just the right places can make a shot even better than nude. But, be careful with shirts and blouses. If the color is too high and blocks the outline of the rope or hands then it is just a bad as too much hair hanging down and blocking what we all want to see.
  A skimpy bra and panties can be just as provocative as her being buck naked.
If she does not want to be naked but still be hot she can always be naked on the bed and have the sheets cover the vital parts.

Lastly:        BLOOD AND GUTS.

  Under no circumstances will I accept poser rendes , or pictures of girls (or anyone or anything else) that has more than a smiggit of blood shown.
That includes studio makup blood burst effects.
No gunshots , no stabbings, no sacrifices, no heads being chopped off. Nothing out of the theme of Sexual asphxy or asphyx with the exception
of those artist who submit NON-ASA posers and images that do conincide with the general sex and asphyx themes.

The rule is firm but there are some exceptions to the rule.
If there is blood being shown but is minor and mostly obscure and it has to do with the theme of the scene being shown I will evaluate
and consider if it is appropriate for my site. In most cases you will get an rapid answer. And the answer will be NO.

There are dozens of other web sites out there that are crying for this type of material. I sugguest you find one of them to
display your art. For the most part I will not display it here.

Enough said about that. You all know what I mean.


I don't want to discourage anyone from sending in anything but
we have had our share of problems and situations in the past
so glance over this and make sure your intentions are not listed here.


RHOG is not a dating service. Don't email asking for the email address of photographers and models that you see here. WE DON'T GIVE THEM OUT except for links in the LIBRARY area.

It is also NOT a place for you to try and set up shop to privately sell or swap your material.

  I do not want you sending in some lovely pictures and then later tell me that you would like me to add your email address to the pictures or put any notes on the web pages like "email us for more private or custom pictures"   or  "email us to swap files privately".

This excludes the LIBRARY section where I will provide a link to an Asphyx related web page or educational page.

 Don't send in SOMEONE ELSES PICTURES. Don't grab pictures that belong to someone else, from another site, and send them in to be posted here. We only post original works from the authors, models, or a designated representative thereof.

If you are already displayed on another site or many other sites then it is not original material.

If you are already showing your material on another site or several other sites we will be happy to provide a link in the LIBRARY area to help you out. Don't send in material saying that it is original and try to use RHOG to promote your other areas.

 The main theme of the material must be Asphyx as in Hanging and Choking. The term Asphyx has been diminished over the years to include drowning and shooting and blood and guts. That is not what true Asphyx is and we don't show that sort of stuff here. Sex Asphyx in the form of Hanging and choking is acceptable.

A noose is not a necklace.

We display pictures and clips of Asphyx. Pictures of your girl with a rope dangling around her neck while she sucks on you is not asphyxia. We will show a few of those pics for you but they should not be the main course.

Pics and clips prefered. We mostly display pictures and movie clips but we also accept POSER and other CGI rendered pictures and animations.

We don't have a large audience for STORIES but if you have something you know is good we could post one or two.


We no longer accept PHOTO MANIPULATIONS.

  So that is everything you need to know about sending your pictures and movies in to Retrotek for display on RHOG. Most of is is just guidelines, spelled out. If you have some pictures or movies that you would like to send in but are not sure if they should/will be posted here then just send them in.
  If they are not acceptable we will tell you why.


First you contact me with your intent. I ask about your material, model, permissions and topic.
  Next you send me as much as you can for me to fill as many web pages as I can. (I hate it and other folks hate it when you send in only 2 pictures this week and another 2 next week)
  I take the photos or videos and start creating your web area on my site. It usually takes from a few days to a few weeks depending on the quantity and quality of the material.
  Once I am done or almost finished I send you the link to your material page. You look it over and see if it is acceptable.
  If not we can add or remove names or I may say why I didn't use a particular photo you liked. (Because you have a certificate on the wall behind you with your name and address on it).
  IF all looks good then I add your area to the main page and the bulletin board. We to a hit survey. Then if you want we start advertising your area. And you are now on the Web.

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